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I mainly deal with WordPress Blog Tips I learned so far to help you avoid the mistakes and reach to the results you’re aiming faster than expected. I help you with blogging, trading and improving your lifestyle. By all this, I can help you to earn passive income.

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Cheap Web Hosting

Why Cheap Web Hosting Sucks? [Infographic]

Cheap Web Hosting can be a big pain in the ass for many people out there. It is simply because we overlook the differences and the potential and chose the price to be the deciding factor for our website and now the speed completely sucks. The website is sluggish and you yourself are not willing

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Five TV Shows On Netflix To Learn

How To Get Netflix On Mi TV 4X Pro 55″?

Unfortunately, this method no longer works with the latest Android 9 (Miracast Update) on the Mi TV 4X Pro 55″. If you have older version then you can still go for it and never update the TV. I hope in this article you successfully learned how to watch Netflix on Mi TV 4X Pro 55.

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Five TV Shows On Netflix To Learn

Five TV Shows on Netflix to Keep Your Teen Learning Over Summer

As school comes to a close and COVID-19 quarantine continues to persist, you might be looking for ways to continue your teens education over summer. While there are many books to read and online seminars to supplement class time, sometimes learning can be as simple as making some popcorn and kicking back to watch TV. 

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WordPress Hosting Siteground

How To Start A Blog On SiteGround? [2020]

It’s 2020 and starting a blog for yourself is easier and lot more affordable only when you know how to do it in the right way. There were tons of emails and messages asking me how to start a blog in 2020 and earn money. It’s better to get your own blog either a personal

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