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Emad Iqbal Ali

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Mohammed Emad Iqbal Ali

About Emad Iqbal Ali.

In real life apart from being a blogger, I’m basically a 19 year old soul dealing with a lot in life. I’m currently expecting to be graduated in Bachelors of Engineering in Mechanical by 2022. 

Since I was 15, I was very much intrigued by blogging or say having my own website. I started gathering information and self taught myself a lot. I’m happy to see what I am now. 

II started my journey of blogging, from a free platform by Google called Blogger. I made my first blog there and was very much happy. I learnt HTML to just change the looks of the theme of my blog at blogger. Later on my 17th birthday, I upgraded to my first ever self hosted blog which is Emad’s Blog. I started using WordPress since then and I love it so much that I became almost an expert in WordPress.

While blogging, I met several people online and they were amazing enough to teach me out of their own experience. I would like to thank each one of them, who taught me several different thing from their experiences and helped me in avoiding the same mistakes and kick start my blog.

I love helping people out there and it made feel even happier. Therefore, I made this blog as a personal blog where I share my experience not only with blogging but all day-to-day smart things and the problem we face in this digital era which technology runs like a horse.

I am teaching people to set up their own blog, business or do something online which can make them enough money to kick start more businesses and leave their desk jobs. I’m glad, I get to start learning about online businesses way earlier. 

Are you shy to ask  me?

No way, I’m open to all opinion from you guys and is actually waiting for you guys to text me up and ask me how to get started. I will for sure help you out, no matter if you’re an expert or a total newbie.

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