Airtel 4G: How To Fix Call Ended Issue? [Updated]

Do you really get into this problem where you are able to receive calls on your Smartphone but cannot call them back on Airtel 4G sim card? Are you not able to do outgoing calls from your Airtel Sim Card? Here is “How to fix Airtel Call Ended Issues?”

Note: If you want to read the solution to the problem right away then click HERE.

I know, you’ve been exactly like this when it happens with you! Like damn it Airtel. I’m gonna switch to Jio!

If yes, then you’re probably at the right place. We’re familiar with this issue happening to a lot of people who planned to get Jio sim cards before but it was happening due to VoLTE unavailability or it may be disabled. If you’re using Jio right now and facing this issue then you might need to find the VoLTE settings to enable it or simply download Jio 4G Voice from AppStore or PlayStore.

However, in the case of Airtel, it’s not about VoLTE. Airtel uses to switch back technology where it uses 3G for calling and 4G for mobile internet, unlike Jio which uses VoLTE for voice and 4G for data.

I ported my postpaid Vodafone (GSM) sim card to Airtel 4G via MNP. After 3 days, it was successfully ported and I got my signal bars on Airtel sim card.

When I popped in my Airtel Sim Card, I recharged it successfully with the respective package. I was now able to send SMS and browse the Internet and even receive incoming calls but I cannot call someone as when I decided to call someone it automatically says “Call Ended”.

To fix this issue, I wrote this article as it was nowhere much to be found online and you need to dig into forums deep to fix it.

How To Fix “Call Ended” Issue With Airtel 4G Sim Cards?

Samsung or Other Android Devices

  1. Go to keypad where you can dial a number.
  2. Type in #31# to kill the Caller ID service. The call ending issue is due to the caller ID service.
  3. You’re now able to make an outgoing call without that annoying Call Ended thing.

Note: If in case, you need to enable Caller ID service again then type *31# to enable it again.

Xiaomi Mi & Redmi Devices

  1. Go to Keypad where you can dial a number.
  2. Type in #34# to disable the caller ID service and make outgoing calls.
  3. Boom! You are now able to make outgoing calls without Call Ending issues.

Disclaimer: I know there is an option for Showing/Hiding Caller ID from Call Settings but when you go there it shows that it is default as per service provider and doesn’t let you change. Therefore, we have to use this USSD method to disable the Caller ID service completely.  

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13 thoughts on “Airtel 4G: How To Fix Call Ended Issue? [Updated]”

  1. I had the problem in India, the shop employees nicely tried for more than one hour and couldn’t fix it… it took them few days to finally find out the solution
    Got the same problem in Bangladesh, decided to search myself online… 2 result was yours and BOOM as you would say, fixed
    MANY thanks
    David AKA @ExploreFeelGood, Travel Blogger


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