Why Tinder Is Famous With Teens?

Many adolescents including many matured 15 or under are utilizing “grown-up” dating application Tinder consistently, inquires about has found. Somebody percent of guardians even helped set their kids up with accounts, inciting fears that they are accidentally putting them in danger. The study likewise found that more than 33% of kids additionally went through as … Read more

Fake GPS: How To Fake Your Location On Android?

Fake your location on Android

Ever wondered of faking your own location? It’s pretty easy to a fake gps location in Android. A few simple steps and you’re good to go. Faking location does give fake locations i.e, (Fake GPS) to all the applications on your smartphone accessing location such as, Snapchat (SnapMap) Instagram Facebook There can be a lot … Read more

How To Download TikTok on Android And iPhone After Ban In India

Tiktok Banned in India. How to download tiktok on iPhone

I’m not encouraging you to download TikTok in any way. Personally, I feel like Tiktok is the best way to show off your talent but people have been messing up in India and many other places as well. Tiktok is officially back on PlayStore, You can use Google play store to download it right away. … Read more

10 Essential Apps For College Students [2018]

10 Essential Apps For College Students

With over a billion apps available on PlayStore you might be confused about selecting those Apps for College students from the billion apps list.  Here, I am helping you to pick those essential 20 apps for college students. I took several hours in compiling these apps to let you know what’s right for college students. … Read more

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