Why I Pick Flights By Aircraft Types? Here’s Why You Should Too

why you should book flight by aircraft types

Flying can be hilarious sometimes! We get thrilled to the place we are visiting and also kind of disappointed that you’ll have to spend a lot of time in the air above. If you’re the one certainly who cannot afford to travel in business or first class then it’s actually pain in the ass to … Read more

Top 3 Best Websites To Buy Designer Phone Cases Online

best websites to buy phone cases online

Are you planning to buy yourself a new case for your smartphone? After searching online, you’re either not satisfied with the cases or the prices. If you’re then here I am with top 3 websites to buy designer phone cases online. I compiled this list myself and ordered at least one case from all of … Read more

Huawei SandStone Portable Bluetooth Speaker Honest Review

Huawei Sandstone Bluetooth Speaker review

Music is much better than what you hear in the normal speakers. Normal speakers are great but they don’t give out the best output yet sometimes music becomes noise. The music consists of Treble, Bass and natural alto. With all of these, you can actually get a feeling of listening to music or tune. Ever … Read more

PayTM First Credit Card Review: How To Apply?

PayTM First Credit Card Review

PayTM First Credit Card is doing the rounds on the internet when PayTM’s Instagram handle shared the news of their First Credit Card being held for the launch soon for all the customers and as of now only, the selected customers have the option inside the PayTM updated app for applying for their First Credit … Read more

The Story Behind Sumaiya’s Arabic Calligraphy & Art

The Story Behind Sumaiya’s Arabic Calligraphy & Art. Sumaiya Afreen is studying architecture as a full time while being an amazing artist in her free time.  By Sumaiya Afreen Ramadan Kareem, everyone! I have something new for you here. Recently scrolling through my Instagram I was impressed with the art works and cannot withstand to … Read more

Top 4 Best Dating Applications In India [2019]

best dating apps in India

Looking for a date but don’t know where to find your date? Well, I’m here with the best 5 dating applications in India. Some of them are impressive while some of are just fine for finding a date. In the end, healthier relationship matters. Is your relationship going insane, read an essential guide to keep … Read more

80 Ways To Make Money Online [2019]

ways to make money online in 2019

Ever wondered how many ways are there to earn money online and even searched for it but didn’t met your expectation and you finally thought that there’s nothing like that, we can make money online. You’re not alone. I once thought the same. I never thought I could make money online or maybe I wasn’t … Read more

Feeling Tanned? Here Is How You Protect Yourself This Summer

Protect Yourself This Summer

Getting a shady brown skin or say tan is not an Indian thing. Ultimately, all Indian’s prefer fairer and smoother skin. India is pretty famous for its love for light skin. Maybe, there are some who don’t love this but the majority of people do love having light skin. I’m not in any way telling … Read more

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