OnePlus Default Wallpaper Not Showing [Fixed] Get OnePlus 8 Wallpapers

OnePlus Default Wallpaper Not Showing

One fine morning, I was greeted with the new Android 10 update on my OnePlus 7. I jumped with excitement and updated it. To my utter surprise, I cannot find the Default Wallpapers on my OnePlus 7. I tried finding solutions online browsing through various forums including XDA and websites but nothing solved the problem. … Read more

Top 3 Best Websites To Buy Designer Phone Cases Online

best websites to buy phone cases online

Are you planning to buy yourself a new case for your smartphone? After searching online, you’re either not satisfied with the cases or the prices. If you’re then here I am with top 3 websites to buy designer phone cases online. I compiled this list myself and ordered at least one case from all of … Read more

The Ultimate Protection: Skinnova GadgetSheildz [Review]

Carbon FIber - Skinnova GadgetSheildz

Hate cases? Bulky for you? You’re just as me. Eventually changing covers weren’t part of my life anymore. I just found them bulky and just ruined the shape, weight of the phone which companies worked like ages for you to bring their best. All you do is slap a case on it and ruin the … Read more

Gadgetshieldz: Screen & Body Protectors Review

GadgetSheildz Screen Protectors Review

Do you love the way your phone looks but are not very fond of scratches and doesn’t want to compromise the feel of your phone in hands by applying case and weight to your phone? Try GadgetShieldz Screen Protector. You’re in the right place. You search ends here. Here’s the GadgetShieldz Screen Protectors Review. GadgetShieldz … Read more

3 Premium Mobile Cases Companies You Should Know About

SUPCASE i-Blason iPhone X Unicorn

All of us carries a fear of breaking our beloved smartphones, isn’t it? Many of us look for some premium mobile cases companies which put away the fear of breaking your smartphones. As of 2018, there is a huge market of smartphones that leads to a huge amount of cases getting manufactured. But, what can … Read more

10 Essential Apps For College Students [2018]

10 Essential Apps For College Students

With over a billion apps available on PlayStore you might be confused about selecting those Apps for College students from the billion apps list.  Here, I am helping you to pick those essential 20 apps for college students. I took several hours in compiling these apps to let you know what’s right for college students. … Read more

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