Hostinger VS Bluehost: Find Out Who Wins?

Are you one of them? Are you struggling to decide which Hosting is better for you? I’m going to review hostinger in this article as I’ve been using for more than 2 years now.

Yes, it’s a pain in the ass to decide which hosting would be better. Every and each hosting providers, markets their service to look the best in market but to go with hosting we need to decide first which many new bloggers don’t know and end up choosing some hosting which will end up bad at last. I’m sure that this hosting will obviously falls in the category of best website hosting for beginners and best web hosting for small business.

I’ve been there myself. I went with the cheapest hosting and saw that it provide unlimited everything and I thought it is good deal, but to my surprise it wasn’t.

I struggled a lot with that hosting provider, multiple messages to the customer supports and even when I decided to migrate, they didn’t give a shit. 

I tried to move it myself and when using the plugin to copy my whole site to move it to new server, the old hosting server went down and exhausted it limits. 

It took me hours and hours to figure it out and move to new hosting server.

Therefore, it is very essential to go with the right hosting provider.

The Best Website Hosting 2020?

There are few things to be kept in mind before going for the hosting services. Here are some of them below which will help you choose the best website hosting for website.

  • It should be affordable but at the same time with great limits and features.
  • It should provide refund in case you don’t like their service.
  • The scaling ability should be easy, since as you start and may grow bigger as well in future such that you need to move to bigger or your own server.
  • You should be able to add domains easily.
  • Check if they provide One-Click Installer as bloggers cannot be that technical.
  • Your hosting provider should provide business email or professional email
  • It should provide good user interface Control Panel
  • A good hosting provider have easy access to FTP

Best Web Hosting In India

Being a beginner blogger myself, I tried many hosting providers and wasted lot of money in the mean time. I’m here to tell you what is the best for you.

Both of them are tie up, but if you’re starting out then I believe Hostinger is the best choice. 

How Hosting A Website? Hostinger Full Review

If you ask me to be honest with their service, then I recommend them to everybody out there.

I must say, I love their splendid looking custom hPanel and they have outstanding customer service. 

When I was let down by my old hosting provider, I reached out to them for helping me migrate to their host. They were generous to the core, and instantly forwarded to a technical support which helped me migrate without any downtime.

  • Save
  • Save

Second thing, I loved was their policy of refund. No risk in trying, they won’t even ask single question for giving you full refund if you don’t like their service.

The performance is just purely amazing. The WordPress backend in super fast, liquid smooth and I personally feel it after upgrading from cheap hosting. (I use Premium Shared Hosting)

For Limited Time, SSL is free this time. I bought them when they weren’t providing it for free.

The hostinger hPanel is so great that you have access to everything in clean UI, from File Manager to .htacess editor.

Hostinger provides amazing tutorials too on their blog. They teach you everything to setup.

Starting a blog with hostinger is covered from step to step at my blog, it’s super easy with their one click installer.

Is Hostinger Hosting Better Than Others?

Everyone needs an explanation on this. Why one would go for hostinger despite there are many premium hosting providers out there? 

  • First of all, it is optimised for speed. Check my score below
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  • As I said above, the unique hPanel where everything is organised and is available in just clicks away. 
  • The cutting edge technology makes it WordPress optimized. Hence, for a beginner blogger WordPress is recommended and that’s why I am recommending you Hostinger.
  • 365 days, 24/7 customer support. Instant live chat or call, your wish.

Difference Between Hostinger Plans?

Hostinger single shared hosting is the best selling hosting since it is very affordable and best for beginners. Even I would recommend using Single Shared Hosting by Hostinger if you’re starting out. After that, you always upgrade to higher plan easily.

To be honest, the single web hosting is good for beginner bloggers. However, if you are looking to stay or continue blogging in the future then I recommend you going with either Premium or Business plans.

The big difference is you are able to host single website i.e, your blog on Single plan while unlimited websites in the future in business or premium plan.

The premium and business plan also comes with free domain registration i.e, you don’t need to spend an additional $10 for a domain for the first year.

Not to mention, but all the plans come with website builder as well in case you’re a blogger and not willing to make your site with WordPress.


Looking For Shopify Alternative For E-Commerce Store?

Not all of us are willing to start the Shopify store by paying them $29/month. 

I suggest you reading All Best WordPress Hosting and decide the best one out there for your store.

They start looking for its alternative and end up with choosing WordPress + WooCommerce since it provides way lot of customization and flexibilities in the future.

In this case, I prefer going with Bluehost since Bluehost are made for handling this image extensive and products E-Commerce sites.

The thing why I prefer Bluehost for e-commerce is that their hosting servers are equipped with SSD storage that means much more faster and smoother. You also get free SSL certificates with all plans. They have a standard performance for all plans.

Wrapping Up!

As you see, for starting a new blog there’s not much to do except to go for better hosting. Things will get clear once you go for them in the future. 

Hope you got the idea, of what I’m trying to convey. Hoping to see you again in the next post, also, if you’ve greater web hosting experience and want to recommend some hosting providers then do comment down below.

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