How To Save Instagram Photos? [Updated]

Are you looking for saving an Instagram photo on your PC or SmartPhone? Well, today we’re going to learn how to save pictures from Instagram. All of us might know that Instagram don’t have an option to save it in your phone directly through the official Instagram App. Hence, you’ll learn to do it the other way.

Instagram is now a famous photo sharing platform and was bought by the other giant social networking platform, Facebook. Instagram was sold in 2012 for a whopping $1 Billion surprisingly, it was founded just 2 years back. Over more than 4.2 Billions likes are generated on Instagram everyday.

56% of Instagram users make over $50,000 annually and that’s fact known by a survey. You can know more on starting a blog with Instagram and become a top influencer. Enough facts, let’s move to saving images from Instagram.

Easy Way To Save Instagram Pictures

I know the screenshots are the easiest way but wait what about the resolutions? So, the easiest way is to copy the Instagram Pictures URL and then past it on a website to get a full resolution picture and you can easily download it like any other picture by tapping and holding the picture to get the option to Save An Image.

  • Open Instagram
  • Go to the profile you want the picture from
  • Copy the link of their Instagram Picture
  • Go to Dinsta, and paste the URL you copied in previous step
  • Press GO, and you’ll see the full resolution picture below
  • Long Press On Picture to save it in your gallery

Easiest Way To Save Instagram DP or Profile Picture

There are times when you wanted to see someone’s profile picture and looking at it from a small circle is way too annoying. To check their DP or Profile Picture in full resolution then you need to follow the simple steps below

  • Copy the Instagram Profile Username or Remember it
  • Go to InstaDP, type in the username or paste it
  • After searching the Instagram Username, click on it
  • You’ll see three options, one Full Size for downloading or viewing full size DP or Profile Picture. While, Stories for viewing or downloading stories.

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