How To Get Netflix On Mi TV 4X Pro 55″?

Unfortunately, this method no longer works with the latest Android 9 (Miracast Update) on the Mi TV 4X Pro 55". If you have older version then you can still go for it and never update the TV.

I hope in this article you successfully learned how to watch Netflix on Mi TV 4X Pro 55. Due to some unknown reasons with both companies i.e, Netflix and the Xiaomi, Mi TV 4X Pro didn’t get the Netflix even after the latest update of Android 9. However, it got the official support of Amazon Prime which is a good thing.

Unable to find Netflix on your Mi TV 4X PRO 55″? Well, even after the latest Android 9 update the Netflix didn’t really make its way to this TV. We were only able to find the Amazon Prime Video when the TV was updated to Android 9. The Prime Video made its way to the TV but unfortunately, Netflix couldn’t.

However, with various trial and error, we were able to sort this problem out and really found the way to get Netflix on Mi TV 4X Pro 55″ successfully. Note that this is a workaround and not an actual fix. You’ve to go through this steps every time you turn off and on the TV. Since Netflix is still not officially support in this Mi TV Model.


One of our readers mentioned the “App Not Installed” error upon installing the Netflix Android TV APK after updating the Mi TV 4X Pro. To fix this issue, you have to re-download the latest version of Netflix Android TV APK and install it again and it should work fine.

You’ll Need:

  • Spare USB Drive
  • Laptop/PC
  • 5 Minutes of your time
  • A little amount of your brain

Download Netflix For Mi TV 4X Pro 55″

Part 1:

First, you’ll have to download the Netflix for Mi TV 4X Pro and to do that, you’ll need to follow the simple steps below to do so.

  • Plug your USB Drive to your Laptop or Computer
  • Download Netflix For Mi TV 4X Pro (.apk format)
  • Copy the downloaded .apk file into the USB Drive
  • Remove your USB Safely.

Part 2:

Turn on your TV and wait till it boots up. You’ll need to follow the simple steps again in this part and this part is need to be done every time you turns the TV OFF/ON.

  • Plug the USB drive to the TV at the backside.
  • Go to the Patchwall, and then click on the USB drive icon to see the files on the USB in a file explorer.
  • Tap on Netflix (.apk) file you copied on the USB
  • Install the application as you do normally on your phone.
  • You’ll now see the Netflix App on your Mi TV 4X Pro.
  • Open it and….
  • Netflix & Chill

Part 2 is to be done every time the TV is switched OFF and then ON. This has to be done since there is no official support of Netflix yet on this TV. Hope you like this little trick, thanks for reading. Share your opinion in the comment section below.


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12 thoughts on “How To Get Netflix On Mi TV 4X Pro 55″?”

    • I understand it is not working for you. However, it is still working for me. I have Mi TV 4X Pro 55″ with an Android 9 update. I am still using this method to watch Netflix. If nothing works, I suggest you try the method by doing a factory reset.

      • Factory Reset didn’t change anything. Netflix is complety wipe out from Mi tv 4x Pro 55″ after last update related to Miracast.
        Looks like xiaomi forcing MI 55″ TV owners to buy MI 4k Box or MI Stick to watch netflix.
        Feeling cheated with this TV.

        • Hi, thanks for sharing with us. I am unaware of this problem. Can you please confirm the latest update version so I can update this post that it no longer works on latest update. Thank you!

          • Its no longer working on mi tv 4x after May patch 2020, Trying to side load the app or installing from patois tv gives an error saying Netflix not supported.

        • Same here after updating new version, I am not able to install the Netflix . F***k I m not going buy again Mi tv, mobil or any accessories in future.

        • Ohh, I see! I really didn’t update the Mi TV to the latest version to avoid losing access to Mi Netflix. However, our readers going through comments can try this. Thanks for your time.


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