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Mi Band 3

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The Best-in-class affordable fitness tracker with amazing OLED display. I use this tracker to track steps, sleep and heartbeat. Also, excercises.

Gold Fitness Home Gym

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To stay fit all I do is stay active for 30 minutes on daily basis. In those 30 minutes, I do whatever I love the most to do from these equipments.

Noise Shots Sports

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Music with workout? Absolutely. This pair of TWS never let me down. Amazing sound and perfect for workouts. Check review.

Think & Grow Rich

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Don’t know the real meaning behind success? Let’s Napolean Hill teach you the philosophy of success. His simple “13 Steps To Riches” might change your way of thinking.

Thinking Fast & Slow

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If you tell me to pick a book from three, I will pick this one. There are two ways in which we think, Fast & Emotional or Slow & Logical. Sounds intriguing right? Well, you should definitely read this.

Rich Dad Poor Dad

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A definitely must read book. There is no chance that you’re going to miss this best seller. Think like a rich Dad and say bye to debts & bills. Change the way you think, turn it into fortune.

Monster Series Chair

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This is something the best for sitting on literally for hours. Either gaming or blogging, this is the one.

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