Top Amazon Echo Devices (aka) Alexa Supported Gadgets

Got hands on to your new Amazon Echo Smart Speaker? Here are the work with Alexa gadgets. Well, now let’s have get all those devices that can help to operate devices around you with your voice. 

Yes, Alexa works with different smart gadgets which allows you to control the devices around you. 

Having a smart speaker around you that can pretty much do plenty of things right away at your request. For example, you can use Alexa to remind you about something, or ask her stuff and she tells you from the internet, and this all happens hands-free.

Smart Speakers are made using Artificial Intelligence and in Echo Dot which I own, have Alexa, an Amazon AI. 

Alexa is clever, and really gives you outstanding answers. However, apart from waking you up and playing music for you, it can do lot of things. It can turn on your lights, announce something, turn your TV and AC On or OFF.

Let’s see some of the Top Alexa Gadgets To Make Your Home Even Smarter. 

If you still don’t own Alexa, well, what the hell are you waiting for? Get it below now.

1. Smart Bulb (Works With Alexa)

2. D-Link Home Wi-Fi Camera

3. Zook Smart Plug 16A For Heavy Appliances

4. Wipro 20W TubeLight Smart

5. Bajaj Water Heater/Geyser (Smart)

5. Bajaj Water Heater/Geyser (Smart)


The products above works with Alexa to automate your house on the another level. You can setup all the Wipro Tube lights and smart bulbs around the house to group lightning and control it with your Smart Speaker. Hope you enjoy  the work with Alexa gadgets.

These are top Alexa gadgets to make you home smarter than ever.

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